Roll Up a Fat One for JX Cannon's 'Weed Farm' EP

It's the second release from the new NYC label Sweat Equity.

by Michelle Lhooq
Jun 26 2015, 8:52pm

We're pretty excited about Sweat Equity, a new label/collective in New York dedicated to weirdo electronic music. Self-declared "CEO" Dan Creahan says the plan is to focus on "forward-thinking dance and bass music from across a very broad spectrum of styles and voices." What ties it all together is a distinctly corporate aesthetic—their website riffs on the lingo of branded content, and looks like a banal e-commerce site fed through a dystopian shredder, with Hot Topic flames thrown in for good measure.

Like a lot of music that's produced and lives online, Sweat Equity's second release, JX Cannon's Weed Farm EP, reaches across the Internet's flattened plane—pulling together bits of Baltimore club, ballroom, grime, and ambient into frenetic club bangers.

"In the past I've been guilty of making 'meme-sic:' taking trending songs and flipping them on trending styles," Cannon admits. "This EP is a really concentrated effort on my part on trying not to be a mediocre music. All these tracks fit different categories or genres, but my hope is that there's enough crossover in sounds that people will recognize them as part of the same 'family.'"

He adds, probably with a low dose of facetiousness: "In the making of this project, I became burnt out on weekly DJ gigs and resentful of the New York nightlife scene. My longterm goals have since changed: I'm going to save up money, buy a plot of land in Colorado, and start growing marijuana and vegetables."

JX Cannon's Weed Farm EP is out now on Sweat Equity. Get it here.

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