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David Hasselhoff Stars in Epic 80s Throwback as Stereotypes Collide

Prepare to #TakeHoff!

by Ziad Ramley
Apr 17 2015, 12:25pm

Photo via YouTube

The 80s were the modern world's golden age. They were a time when leather jackets were always embossed, when white people were inexplicably good at kung fu, and when posters of the Lamborgini Countash adorned the bedroom walls of men from New York City to Los Angeles. The 80s brought us The Karate Kid, Mad Max, The Goonies, Conan, Back To The Future, Jurassic Park, and unquanitifiable happiness.

Now, more than 30 years later, the phoenix has risen from the ashes in "True Survivor," a music video starring David Hasselhoff so epic I received no less than four emails from my Editor-in-Chief about it.

Released in support of throwback 80's action movie Kung Fury, the premise behind "True Survivor" is simple. Throw in a bunch of retro stereotypes, add a throbbing disco track over top, and let nostalgia take care of the rest. It really is a beautiful thing.

Support Kung Fury here.

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