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​Flying Lotus Scored a Gruesome Short Film Called 'FUCKKKYOUUU'

It's really scary and you can watch it here!

by Jemayel Khawaja
Jan 25 2016, 4:50pm

Those familiar with his Captain Murphy alter-ego will know of Flying Lotus' penchant for getting kinda scary now and again, but the Brainfeeder bossman is taking creepy to new heights with his latest multimedia collaboration, FUCKKKYOUUU, a black-and-white short film that packs aliens, time travel, fetal make-out sessions, monsters, exploding guts, and zero dialogue into its eight-minute runtime.

Directed by Eddie Alcazar, the short is currently showing at the Sundance Film Festival, where audiences will be treated to FlyLo's musical contribution, an appropriately abstract cacophony of whirs and shrieks and clinical atmospheres that's a far cry from the space-age beat music he's known for making.

The short opens up with a quote from Sylvia Plath, closes with the phrase "FUCKKKYOUUU" flashing on screen, and at one point, FlyLo's sinister mug appears briefly on screen as an alien-looking guy is impaled by spiked roots that emerge from the ground. It's bad vibes, done very well, and is likely not the last we'll see of Steven Ellison flexing his talents as a composer. After notching a Grammy nomination for Best Dance Recording with the excellent "Never Catch Me," maybe FlyLo's got his eyes on an Oscar next.