Bob Moses’s Tom Howie Has a Brother Who Is Releasing His Debut EP

A love for brooding beats and songwriting seems to run in the family.

by Krystal Rodriguez
Jul 7 2016, 8:35pm

Photo by Mason Barnes Crouse

Take a look at the wide-ranging tracklist from Bob Moses's Essential Mix earlier this year and you'll see a track called "Fleur" by a little-known artist named Iain Howie, whose surname matches that of the fast-rising duo's own Tom Howie. It's no coincidence: Iain is Tom's younger brother.

While Tom and his Bob Moses partner Jimmy Vallance have been touring the world following the crossover success of their 2015 debut album Days Gone By, Iain has been building a name for himself in the Howies' native Vancouver with track releases on labels including 6n7 Music, Re:Fresh Your Mind, and SOSO. On Monday, June 11, he'll step further out of his famous sibling's shadow with his debut EP, Awake, via Vancouver-Berlin collective Rhombus.

In an interview with The Georgia Straight, Howie discusses Awake, describing the overall sound of it as "quite varied." The eerie, melancholic title track is vocal-heavy in the vein of Bob Moses, but the other three tracks are crisp, instrumental club cuts more suited for seamless play on dark dancefloors than during a stop-and-go show on an outdoor stage at Coachella.

"It's worked out really well that the record's got a range of different styles," he told the Straight. "It helps set me apart."

Listen to the EP below ahead of its release Monday, July 11.