Take A Trip Back in Time to Ancient Japan with Walton's Incredible New Video

The visuals for "Taiko" will have you booking the next flight to Kyoto in a heartbeat.

Mar 3 2017, 4:20pm

This post ran originally on THUMP UK.

Folklore is pretty good isn't it? Yeah, it is, thanks for asking. If you meet someone who doesn't find strange old stories about fanciful doings in forgotten-pasts at least sort of interesting then they're probably not worth meeting ever again. Japanese folklore might be the best kind of folklore going, as it happens, and that's why we got so giddy when Madam X hopped into our inbox and asked us if we wanted to watch the incredible video that's just sprung from her Kaizen label. Of course we wanted to watch it. We knew you'd like it too, and that's why we've done the honorable thing and signed the all important contracts and slapped it up on our website today.

The gripping (and really, really purple) piece of work sees tracks from Manchester producer Walton's "Taiko" EP stitched into a gloriously globular narrative, and we've not been able to stop watching it. Honestly, when we try and sleep at night we're bombarded by images from it. It's that good.

Grab yourself a big bag of sweet and salty, one of those MASSIVE cups of cola, and tuck into one of the most gorgeous videos you'll have seen in quite some time.

The Taiko EP is out now on Kaizen.