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Amnesia Scanner Drudge Through Murky Sonic Depths in “AS CRUST”

Watch a video of a robot getting the shit kicked out of it.

by Jesse Weiss
Feb 9 2016, 8:31pm

Amnesia Scanner, the Berlin producer duo, posted a floor-shaking track to their YouTube channel today called "AS CRUST". The mysterious pair has yet to make a formal debut release, but after the otherworldly mixtape, "ANGELS RIG HOOK" and a recorded live set popped up on the artist's SoundCloud last year, we've been paying very close attention.

"AS CRUST" is a dark and bass-heavy bricolage of sound textures which originally appeared (for about a minute) on the "ANGELS RIG HOOK" mixtape. Björk also included a short clip of "AS CRUST" at the top of her Rinse FM podcast last year, although that time the track was called "Creeper."

Now we have a video accompaniment featuring looping footage of the robot-dog "Spot" being kicked over and over. It's a fitting visual for the track, and very much in line with Amnesia Scanner's aesthetic, which examines the tension between technology and biology. On "AS CRUST" the duo drag up sounds from subterranean depths, and process them far beyond recognition. The heavy and experimental sounds weave in and out of focus, all contained within a definite structure that is often lost with this type of sonic material.

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