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The Top 10 Sunkissed Italo Disco Classics You Need to Hear Right Now

Get ready for a waltz through the sunkissed disco's of Italy and beyond.

by THUMP Staff
Feb 1 2016, 3:20pm

Remember when you'd make mixes for your friends to show how cool you were? 101 of 303 is our glimpse into the fundamentals of electronic movements. Today we're turning our attention to the sunkissed shores of southern Italy. That's right — this one's an Italo Disco special.

Back when the world was all pastel shades and endless sunsets, discotheques round the Mediterranean bounced to an Italo beat. Arpgeggiated basslines bounced up and down on stiff synthetic rhythms, rinky-dink melodies were married to shlocky, campy and vampy vocals and the whole thing smacked of the ridiculously sublime and the sublimely ridiculous. In short, Italo Disco was about as much fun as you could have in a club by the seaside. This playlist is best enjoyed with a cocktail or seven.

1. Valerie Dore - It's So Easy

2. MBO & Klein - Dirty Talk

3. Caron - Out of the Night

4. Firefly - Love is Gonna Be On Your Side

5. Miko Mission - How Old Are You

6. Macho - I'm a Man

7. Peter Kent - For Your Love

8. Gino Soccio - Dream On

9. Kano - Ikeya-Seki

10. Savage - Don't Cry Tonight