Oppress or Suppress Citizen voices in 'shhh'

'shhh' is a #resistjam game about public opinion, voices, and squashing them.

by Danielle Riendeau
Mar 13 2017, 3:00pm

We just had #resistjam, a game jam organized around the idea of resisting, rising up, and fighting for one's rights in dire political times. Appropriately, Ludipe's opinion suppression simulator, shhh is all about choosing to suppress or ignore the voices of its tiny citizens.

You play as a massive disembodied hand, hovering over a colorful cubic city. Different types of people will talk—expressing positive or negative opinions about you and other citizens. You can crush these conversations by clicking and holding—or let them continue and watch as public opinion is swayed one way or another. A handy billboard tracks everything, so you can immediately see where you—and every other type of person in town—stands.

It's an infinite system with no real end. Play for days. See how quickly you can turn everyone against the little guys in purple hats. 

It feels vaguely evil to mess with, and that's the point. The 'free marketplace of ideas' is never really free, of course, when some voices are louder or more powerful than others.

You can play shhh for free or support the game on its page. The game was made by Ludipe with music and sound effects by Celer.