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Run the Jewels Get Cloned and Go on an Acid Trip in a Police Lineup in the "Legend Has It" Video

"No bunnies were hurt in the making of this video."

by Phil Witmer
Mar 22 2017, 6:48pm

Run the Jewels 3 came out back in December, but in the months since, the group, usually known for their strong visual statements, haven't shared any videos to accompany it. El-P and Killer Mike have now delivered on that end with the freshly dropped "Legend Has It" clip. The Brian Beletic-directed video follows the duo as they drop some acid and then have to stand in a police lineup along with their clones, a nun, a blind man, and various other characters who couldn't possibly have done the terrible deed.

As the accompanying statement on the group's official Facebook page reads, "The video for 'Legend Has It' plays with the theme of guilty until proven innocent. We live in a world where the stronger the truth the greater the opposition." It also reminds any concerning viewers that no stuffed bunnies were harmed in the video's shocking finale. You can watch the "Legend Has It" video below.

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