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We Dare You to Watch the Entire 'Power Rangers' Marathon on Twitch

23 seasons. 831 episodes. 17 days.

by Zack Kotzer
Mar 10 2017, 4:45pm

In 2015, Twitch branched out from its trademark video game streams and devoted one channel to Bob Ross' PBS zen-coma art program The Joy of Painting. Partly to introduce their own creative section, the broadcast took on a life of its own. Continuing this tradition of streaming things you might have caught around 4 PM on a weekday in 1993, Twitch has announced that it will play the entire stretch of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers from beginning to end.

23 seasons. 831 episodes. 17 days. All of those Rangers. Dinozords. Space cops. A monster made of eyeballs. The marathon is leading up to the upcoming feature film adaptation, Power Rangers, in which Elizabeth Banks dresses like the box art of Return of the Living Dead 3. Regardless on whether or not you plan to hit up the ol' movie house, you can log on to Twitch and see how much repurposed karate footage holds up in your 20s. As is always the case with Twitch, even if the show sucks, people dunking on the show in chat will provide some great entertainment. 

If you are reckless enough to watch the entire thing, please write in and let us know how you survived. 

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