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Herbert Returns With the 'Part 7' EP, Four Tunes of Twisted Club Music

Stream the illustrious British producer's entire new release and prepare to get freaked out.

by David Garber
Sep 9 2014, 6:18pm

"It's usually an artistic dead-end to try to make your work fit into a scene, so I always try to make it for imaginary or fantasy night clubs rather than real ones," Matthew Herbert wrote to me. 

Herbert has never been afraid to conjure productions that give listeners a subtle feeling of unease.  He transports fans to a place where dance music's usual framework is shedded and replaced with sounds from the world around us—an exploding bomb, a pig, a roll of toilet paper. As a wonky as his original productions are, his house-oriented moniker, Herbert, has long been known for cuts that exhibit his far-reaching gaze for creativity, yet with careful aim at the dancefloor. Years after the Parts 1-5 EP series were released on the now-defunct Phono label, we've seen the a reboot of the series on the producer's own Accidental Records, returning with Part 6, and now the aptly title Part 7, a full stream of which we have for you today.

Herbert tells us he hoped to convey a feeling of "twitchiness" in his productions, a sensation that can be experienced via the inclusion of sounds he describes as ranging from "rubbery" to "plastic-y and wood-y." While the artist has been playing out a great deal of this new material in nightclubs, as of late, he's indeed had to encounter the difficulties of playing a style that's a bit of an outlier in today's sphere of music that tends to be more sonically approachable. "So much of the details of my mixes and sounds is in the midrange, and so many systems now are set up to complement hyper-digital sounding tracks that have a lot of bass and super crisp high end," he said. "Anything not made using more synthetic sounds can really struggle to make sense. It's another regrettable consequence of the laptop revolution." Stream Part 7 now, exclusively on THUMP, and keep your eyes and ears out for Part 8, which Matthew tells us is to be released in preparation of a new album out in 2015.

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