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Listen to These N.E.R.D.s Talk About Aliens

Pharrell stopped by The Breakfast Club to talk about his 'Hidden Figures' film, life in the music industry, and life on other planets.

by Noisey Staff
Dec 12 2016, 8:14pm

Pharrell Williams stopped by The Breakfast Club today to promote a new film he produced called Hidden Figures, which tells the story of Katherine G. Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson, three African-American women worked at NASA and masterminded John Glenn's launch into orbit in 1962. While discussing the film and Glenn's orbit, Pharrell and Charlamagne took a couple minutes to appreciate the vastness of our universe. Pharrell reminds us that all the stars we see in the sky have their own solar systems and if you think we are the only life in the world, you aren't doing your math. They also talked about the achievements of other Virginia-bred artists in the music industry, the importance of ownership, and his incredibly durable hairline. Watch the interview below. 

Photo: Screengrab of interview via YouTube

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