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Marvel at Migos Rapping "Versace" with Dan Le Batard's Dad on 'Highly Questionable'

“Versace, Versace, medusa head on my like I’m ‘Luminati,” raps the 73-year-old.

by Alex Robert Ross
Apr 2 2017, 3:05pm

Migos seem to have spent a decent chunk of last week just kicking it around ESPN HQ. Their appearance on Sportscenter on Wednesday to provide an oral history of the dab—the history is that Migos invented it—was actually pretty revealing; nine minutes, it turns out, is an eternity in ESPN time.

Thursday afternoon, the trio were patched into Dan Le Batard and Bomani Jones's Highly Questionable. In case you're not home with the TV on every weekday afternoon, Highly Questionable features Le Batard, Jones, and Le Batard's 73-year-old father, Gonzalo, known here just as Papi. Papi has good vibes; he asks good questions and occasionally fanboys over rappers.

It's rare that you get to see the grandfatherly gentleman rap along with the guests. That's exactly what we got Thursday. "Versace, Versace, medusa head on my like I'm 'Luminati," Papi raps, before turning the track over to Quavo, Takeoff, and Offset.

Marvel at it below.

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