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Laurent Garnier's Techno Bolshoi Ballet

Now at Moscow’s Bolshoi Theatre.
September 15, 2010, 2:00pm

When Laurent Garnier was playing fiendish acid beats to the sweaty masses at Manchester’s premier spot the Haçienda, with everyone dancing until daybreak, it is doubtful that he could envisioned himself composing the music for a ballet that will open the 2010/11 season at Moscow’s historic Bolshoi Theatre.

The Bolshoi usually opens with a classical Russian opera, but not this year. Not only is it breaking form by opening with a brand new ballet called Creation 2010 by French dance choreographer Angelin Preljocaj, but the music is composed by a French techno-god. Why the Francophile invasion of the Russian institution? Well 2010 is the Year of France in Russia and the Year of Russia in France, so each country is giving the other a cultural back slap and discerning nod of approval. Apparently, part of that is this staging at the Bolshoi, which, to reflect the cultural love-in, will feature 10 Bolshoi Theatre and 11 Ballet Preljocaj dancers.

Unity through dance is something Monsieur Garnier can probably understand quite well, considering the loved-up feelings of the people crowding the dance floors he’s played to throughout his long career. It also just goes to show how much the attitude to "dance" music has changed since it was a misunderstood electronic musical form that was once confined to being heard at illegal raves held in fields and warehouses across Europe, Australia, and the USA. So, if you fancy heading to Moscow and mingling with the chattering classes then the performance will be taking place on 14,15,16,17,18, and 19 September. Don’t forget your opera glasses, white gloves, smiley t-shirt, and whistle. Rave-ballet, it could be a whole new sub-genre. Until it is, have a listen above to Garnier himself playing “Crispy Bacon” live.