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Stephen A. Smith Implies Chip Kelly Is a Racist

The goobers on 'First Take' strike again. This time by implying that Chip Kelly is a racist.

by Sean Newell
Mar 9 2015, 6:24pm

This is the quintessential First Take clip. In it, Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless ostensibly discuss the Philadelphia Eagles roster moves under Chip Kelly and what they all mean. What they're really doing, however, is carrying out the mission statement of First Take. Which is simply: say some outrageous shit that people will talk about.

Smith doesn't actually call Chip Kelly a racist, because that would mean saying something, anything, he actually believes. What he does instead is imply that by trading a star like LeSean McCoy and letting a high-end receiver like DeSean Jackson go, while hanging on to a player such as Riley Cooper, that there COULD POSSIBLY be a racial motive. Not that he's noticed this motive himself—that would require insight and, you know, critical thought—but being the Philly guy that he is, folks on the street have been asking him about it.

And who knows, maybe there is. Maybe Chip Kelly really is a hateful racist and wants to turn the Eagles into a lacrosse team. But there's no reason to genuinely advance that theory because the Eagles got rid of two highly talented players who demand salaries commensurate with that talent and kept a scrub who gets paid like a scrub. This is just First Take being First Take.