Increasingly Crazy Sequence Ends in Bicycle Kick Goal

This is one of the more convoluted and mesmerizing goals you'll see in a while: backheel flip, backwards header, and a bicycle kick.

by Sean Newell
Apr 12 2015, 5:20pm

Atalanta scored a goal of increasing preposterousness against Sassuolo earlier today that ended in a bicycle kick goal from German Denis. It opened the scoring in the 42nd minute and it featured a backheel flip from the edge of the penalty area that sent the ball inside and then a backwards header to center it where Denis could then turn his back to the keeper and let it rip. It's mesmerizing in a very Rube Goldbergian way.

Denis scored again on a penalty kick and lead the way as Atalanta beat Sassuolo 2-1.

h/t Slade Sohmer

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