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Ones and Zeros: Earth's Two Moons, a Net Neutrality Weapon, and Belly Button Bacteria

_Obama turns officially old, and other news._

by Ones Zeros
Aug 4 2011, 5:00pm

Obama turns officially old, and other news.

ONE: Earth may have once been orbited by two moons (NPR)

Zero: Facebook’s facial recognition is illegal (in Germany) (of course) (thank you Germany) (Guardian)

One: A tool for detecting when your ISP is slowing down your internet (Forbes)

ZERO: China has some serious doubts about the U.S.’s ability to pay its loans (Xinhua)

ONE: HIV chip test takes 15 minutes and it fits in your wallet and it costs a dollar (Engadget)

ZERO: Belly buttons are dirtier than you think (ABC)

ONE: Pfizer loses its patent on the most popular drug in the world (New York Times)

ZERO: Google wins lots of patents from IBM (New York Times)

One: Again, that This American Life episode on the dirty patent trolls ruining America (WBUR)

Zero: the preggers status feature on Facebook (LA Times)

One: Some really nice examples of work places on a mission to eradicate the cubicle from existence (Arieff / NYT)

ZERO: The difficulty of interviewing the rich (Youtube)

One: A bunch of historical wavs (Soundcloud)

Zero: That “In Time” movie trailer was interesting and all but now it’s starting to freak us out about our serious time management issues (YouTube)

ONE: From the Crates: The worlds best science-inspired currency designs (US)

image: White House Flickr