Take a Night Ride Through Chicago in 'Windy City Timelapse II'

See the windy city without the wind—and with a fantastic fireworks display—in filmmaker Max Wilson's new timelapse.

by Beckett Mufson
May 15 2015, 7:00pm

I've never been to Chicago, and my lifelong dislike for wind has, admittedly, quashed any desire to travel to said windy city. But after watching photographer Max Wilson's new timelapse about the Midwestern metropolis, my mind's changing like the breeze. Wilson captures the stunning vistas, toy-like shots of boats, and vibrant fireworks displays in Windy City Nights II from the rooftops of friendly Chicagoans' apartment buildings, so a viewing of the short is practically like couchsurfing the city's best sights, all in the span of five minutes. Whip-fast footage from trains and serene shots down by the river make it feel like you're actually living in the big city—minus, of course, the deep dish.

The video is the sequel to Wilson's immensely popular Windy City Nights timelapse. The newest edition features more footage of the city, different music, and according to the video's description, is about capturing, "what your eyes do not see normally." Watch it in full, above. 

Check out more of Max Wilson's work on his Chicago Timelapse website.


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