This Turntable Is Made of 2,405 Lego

Hayarobi's DIY record player cranks Lego up to eleven.

by Beckett Mufson
Mar 25 2015, 8:05pm

Image by LoctiteGirl via

A bona fide Lego master constructed a fully functional record player made almost exclusively out of Legos and put it on display at the Hangaram Art Gallery's 2014 Brick Pop Art Exhibition in Seoul, South Korea. Hayarobi built the machine, named The Planet, out of 2,405 Lego bricks, an official Lego Power Functions Battery Box and M-Motor, and one single non-Lego part: the Audio Technica phono cartridge. Complete with a Lego tube amp, and even Lego cases for the speakers, the result is the ideal turntable setup for blasting "Everything Is Awesome" from the LEGO Movie LP, pressed by Spacelab9.

Watch Hayarobi's Lego record player in action below.

Via Huh Magazine


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