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Photo Of Lakeside Illusion Turns Chicago Into A Surreal Sky City

This might be the greatest smartphone photo ever taken.

by Beckett Mufson
Mar 7 2014, 6:45pm

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Amateur photographer Mark Hersch was lucky enough to snag a window seat on a flight into Chicago, and the world is a better place because of it. He captured what might be the most miraculous smartphone photo we've seen this winter, as his plane descended toward O'Hare International Airport. Just the right beam of light traveled from the city, reflected off the lake, and was framed perfectly on Hersch's camera phone, creating the illusion of a heavenly city.

According to a quote from The Daily Mail, this photo was even more one-in-a-million than it seems. He said, "I looked down and through a narrow break in the clouds, I saw the shadow of the Chicago skyline projecting onto the lake. Oddly enough, I am a very frequent flyer and almost always sit in an aisle set, but on this flight there were only window seats available."

Hersch went on to say that he takes pictures for fun in his spare time. "My only regret is that the image is not as sharp as I would like; it's merely an iPhone capture, after all. Ironically, I am an avid amateur photography enthusiast, with some pretty expensive pro equipment."

You can check out his Twitter here to see if the universe will smile upon his photography again.

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