Pulsing Airbag Installation Is Simple But Irresistible

Onishi Yasuaki has a knack for captivating us with translucent art that is striking without being flashy.

Apr 2 2014, 2:20pm

Japanese artist Onishi Yasuaki is really good at hypnotizing us with his simple-yet-irresistible installations. Whether its his spider web-like sculptures, or his crystalline forests, Yasuaki knows how to please the eye and keep us hooked without being gaudy or flashy. 

His latest project, Vertical Volume, doesn't include threads of any sort, though his interest in translucent structures continues. An update from an installation in 2009, it includes just plastic bags and some fans, yet his window installation at the Shizuoka Convention & Arts Center in Shizuoka Japan is the type of display that makes passers-by do a double take.  Take a look at some GIFs and stills of the exhibition, and head over to Yasuaki's site for more pellucid goodness.