Graffiti Artist Hides a Mural in 100 Illegal Tags

From Spanish streets to polaroids, MVIN's new work is massive.

by Francesca Capossela
Aug 17 2016, 7:55pm

Images courtesy of the artist

In Barcelona, 100 pieces of graffiti form a singular design, but the markings on them only make sense when put together. Each particular mural makes up one tiny part of the larger picture—requiring all the pieces to be assembled before the design is clear. Graffiti artist MVIN, who hit the 100 locations, took a polaroid picture of each, before and after painting on them. The end result is two murals comprised of ‘before’ and ‘after’ polaroids, but when the latter is put together in order, a large piece of graffiti forms to spell out the artist’s tag.

Called 100 Persianas, or "100 shutters," the series requires the viewer to think big in order to understand the project, as MVIN estimates that the piece is 30m by 20m total. In a video released by the artist, MVIN first shows the collection of ‘before’ polaroids. In this series, unrelated pieces of street art, not painted by the artist, are displayed in a random order. Slowly, the artist places an ‘after’ polaroid on top of each ‘before' shot, turning the madness into his synthesized design. The complete image is filled out, demonstrating MVIN’s vision for coordination and big-picture thinking. Check out MVIN's massive work below:

100 Persianas from MrMVIN on Vimeo.

Map of murals

Before and After Polaroids

One piece of the design

Check out more about 100 Persianas on MVIN’s website. And follow the project on Instagram.


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