Twisted Picture Frames Fused with Tree Branches

Darryl Cox Jr. uses woodworking, painting, and sculpture to create commissioned frames.

by Anya Tchoupakov
Dec 11 2015, 3:37pm

All images courtesy the artist

Inspired by the Central Oregon landscape in which he lives, and by his love of art and surrealism, artist Darryl Cox Jr. fuses wood found in the forest with frames to create innovative and unusual art objects. On his website Fusion Frames NW, Cox tells visitors the he wants to create art “that unites humble, as well as involved, objects into a kind of their own—creating art that is distinctive and intricate, yet in its truest sense, uncomplicated.” He refuses to be limited by artistic precepts and approaches his work with a joy and gratitude that is evident in every work.

Cox seeks out unique frames and then spends time in the forest searching for the perfect tree branch to fuse with it. The final product is created through a blend of woodworking, painting, and sculpting, seamlessly blending manmade and natural elements. Cox is a bit of a fusion himself: his father was a carpenter and his mother a “non-stop ‘think-out-of-the-box’ artiste.” His work is a testament to their lives and their love.

The frames can be commissioned and Cox says it brings him great joy to create frames that incorporate something sentimental for someone. His frames, though empty, are moving themselves, capturing life in a personal and almost reverent way.

See more of his frames and get your own here.


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