Let Kanye Tell You If You're an Artist

This online magic 8-ball lets you ask, "Kanye, am I a real artist?"

by Emerson Rosenthal
Feb 25 2015, 5:45pm

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Kanye West knows artistry—or, at least has a lot of opinions on it—so for those of us in art schools, on gallery walls, or toiling away in studios, this Magic 8-Ball-styled site lets Kanye tell you if you're an artist, or if it's time to hang up that paint-caked towel. is a site that was designed by the band YACHT post-Grammys controversy, that takes the rapper's quotes and repurposes them to tell you if you live up to his high standards for "real artistry." Sure, the site gives a completely different, totally random answer every time you reload the page, but we can't help but feel like Ye's response of "No, but we'll still go play basketball and stuff" wasn't tailor-made for us. 

Click here to see if Kanye West think's you're a real artist, and check out some of his opinions on the matter below:

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