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Red Bull Chose Five North American Events Changing Nightlife in New Series

'Inspire the Night' returns for a new season and features events in Los Angeles and Chicago.

by Britt Julious
May 13 2017, 3:51pm

Screenshot via YouTube.

The latest season of Red Bull TV's Inspire the Night, dropped yesterday and is available to stream in full right now. The series goes behind the scenes of five events across North America changing the face of nightlife.

Although the series looks at events across North America, this year's season is far more limited than in the past, with two of the five episodes taking place in Los Angeles. This season's events include Los Angeles' A Club Called Rhonda, Chicago's Canvas, and Miami's Becks, among others.

Every episode of Inspire the Night is currently available to stream on YouTube. Watch the trailer for Inspire the Night below and watch the full series here.