Introducing: Bodies of the Future

A LadyBits series on Motherboard.

by Arikia Millikan
Feb 17 2015, 4:00pm

Image: Carlos M Gonzalez Villares/Flickr

​I've provoked a fair share of giggles owning a company named after a euphemism for a vagina. But that was always the point. When I tell someone what it's called and they laugh or respond incredulously, they instantly feel a bit sheepish, then understand why LadyBits needs to exist.

It isn't just the word "vagina" that's still rather taboo considering it's 2015, but the whole idea of people with vaginas (or anyone who doesn't fit into a standard, heteronormative vision of masculinity) using their brains to get stuff done.

This is especially the case in industries that have been traditionally, abrasively male-dominated—tech, science, politics, medicine, and journalism just to name a few. But with every passing day, it becomes more and more difficult to deny that not only are women capable of doing this kind of work, but they are out there doing it, driving technology forward and actively creating a better, safer, future for humanity—despite the much higher wall of obstacles for people with vaginas.

Furthermore, we at LadyBits have seen firsthand in our days that there are a ton of women who want to read about it happening and the people making it happen. This is the space LadyBits was created to fill.

One specific area in which we've noticed a gaping gap of coverage: the evolving medical technologies and the science involved in keeping our bodies and brains functioning optimally, and addressing what happens when they don't. One big reason is because, shh, the majority of research our current medical texts are based on was cond​ucted mainly on white men, by mainly white male doctors. Likewise, these topics are usually covered by white male journalists.

We're not only going to talk about sex here, but we will talk about it a lot

But so many unanswered questions remain, perhaps that can only be answered by people who aren't afraid of vaginas. We at LadyBits have been looking for an excuse to find the answers.

So I'm pleased to announce that over the next three months, LadyBits will be contributing to its own special nook of Motherboard as part of a weekly series around the topic of "Bodies of the Future." We went with a theme rather than a prompt, and left it somewhat open-ended so we could capture a range of topics—from big-picture pieces that consider an industry's change over time, to the weirdly specific medical anomalies that allow us to better understand how our bodies work. 

This week we're debuting with a piece about ​the outlook for the condom, the brave new world of ​future sex toys, and ​regrowing foreskins like salamander arms. (We're not only going to talk about sex here, but we will talk about it a lot.)

I never had to explain LadyBits to the folks at Motherboard; they instantly just got it, and appreciated the mission as well as the name. So when they asked me to come in for a meeting to discuss a partnership between LadyBits and Motherboard, I didn't hesitate. I'm stoked to have the opportunity to work with some of the awesome people on staff here and honored to be backed by one of the boldest online publications in current existence—not to mention that our brands just sound like they should be together. At the end of our first meeting, Motherboard editor in chief Derek Mead turned to me and said, "this was my only partnership meeting this week that wasn't stupid," and I knew in my heart it would soon take flight.

Almost two years ago, I founded LadyBits, LLC and launched a series of partnerships with a handful of publications. Since then, the roughly 100 badass, tech-savvy writers, editors, scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs who are part of the LadyBits listserve have written and edited hundreds of articles, and have promoted and circulated thousands more that align with the standards and style of media we want to see more of. We look forward to creating more good stuff with Motherboard these coming months.

If you're interested in writing for LadyBits as part of this partnership or in being a part of our listserve, or if you have burning questions related to our future bodies that you'd like us to attempt to explain, feel free to email