UFC Brisbane Quick Results: Hunt Stops Mir, Magny Upsets Lombard

A classic Mark Hunt walkaway knockout sealed off a great night of action from Brisbane that boasted some big victories for the Aussies as well as a massive upset win for Neil Magny.

by Peter Carroll
Mar 20 2016, 6:10am

Photos by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC

Hunt Scores Walkaway Knockout on Mir in Round One

Mark 'The Super Samoan' Hunt proved that age is just a number in Brisbane with a stunning straight right hand that sent Frank Mir down in under three minutes of their main event heavyweight bout.

Hunt, who turns 42 in three days time, looked in the same, leaner, shape that he boasted during his last trip to the Octagon at UFC 193 against Antonio Silva. Tagging away at Mir, it became obvious that the former heavyweight champion wanted none of Hunt's striking as he failed to ground the contest on multiple occasions.

Just shy of the three-minute mark, Hunt pawed out a couple of jabs that lured Mir onto a lighting bolt straight. Mir collapsed and Hunt walked away casually in the other direction, raising his hands almost apologetically in his stride.

The Brisbane faithful cheered on Hunt, who once again underlined his status as a combat sports legend between his achievements in kickboxing, and now MMA.

Magny Survives Early Lombard Onslaught to Claim Biggest Career Win

Neil Magny rode out a storm of aggression to claim the biggest scalp of his career when Hector Lombard succumbed to his strikes in the third round of their co-main event slot, in a bout that shouldn't have left the second.

Lombard wobbled his way to the middle of the Octagon in the third and although he tried to reel off some of his signature power, he was already a spent force. Magny poured on a blitz of punches and chased it up with a flying knee. Taking the fight to the ground he moved into a mounted triangle where he landed strikes, which prompted referee Steve Perceval to stop the fight.

Perceval allowed the fight to go much further than it should have by allowing it to leave the second round. After being in big trouble in the first, Magny reappeared renewed and landed unanswered blows to Lombard's head for an awkward period of time as Percival asked a barely conscious 'Showeather' to defend himself.

At the first bell Lombard launched straight out of his corner and backed Magny up and landed a big right hook which sent him to the ground. From there, the judoka swarmed on his downed opponent landing a series of left hands that would have stopped the most durable of welterweights. However, when the duo got back to their feet, Lombard looked visibly drained from chasing the finish as Magny landed at ease.

21-Year-Old Matthews Ends Case's Twelve Fight Streak

Jake Matthews entered the Octagon full of determination as he faced Johnny Case's ridiculous 12 fight win streak, and in the end, the 21-year-old got the job done with a rear naked choke in the final seconds of the contest.

Matthews continued to wear down the body of Case at the beginning of the third round, and when the American was focused on blocking low, Matthews cracked him with a left hand. Case unsuccessfully shot, and Matthews quickly worked to his back. Despite not succeeding with his first attempt at the choke, he made sure at the second time of asking.

The second round was framed by two kicks to the body from Matthews, both of which visibly hurt Case. After the first, Case jumped in for a takedown and after stuffing it, the 21-year-old locked up a triangle. Case remained patient, escaped, and landed some solid ground and pound. Matthews eventually got back to his feet before he landed another crisp shot to the right side of Case's body.

Matthews let Case know he wasn't going to have it all his own way as soon as the bout got underway in the first. Although Case controlled the Octagon, Matthews scored leaping in and out of range with big flurries. Case's most dominant spell in the first round came when he landed consecutive short elbows after stuffed a takedown from the young Aussie.

Brisbane's Big Underdog Dan Kelly Scores Big at Home

A veteran of four Olympic Games, Dan Kelly was considered the least likely to claim victory on tonight's card when he met surging Brazilian Antonio Carlos Junior. Despite flirting with defeat in the first round, Kelly ground and pounded his way to an unlikely victory in the third in front of his countrymen.

Carlos Junior shot in for a laborious takedown on the midway point of the second round. Kelly stuffed it with ease and worked to his back as he had in the round before, landing big blows that forced the Brazilian to regain his guard. Kelly continued his assault and despite Carlos Junior moving to his knees again, the fight was stopped as he failed to intelligently defend himself.

After enduring a hellish first round, Kelly made a big impression on the second. Firing off two left hands at the Brazilian, after stuffing the second takedown from Carlos Junior, Kelly worked to his back where let of some devastating punches the clattered the side of his foe's head. Carlos Junior looked to spring into action when he managed to get out from under the Australian, but he appeared to roll his ankle as he fell to his backside at the end of the round.

Kelly spent the majority of the first round fending off choke attempts from the prodigal Brazilian who clung to him with a body triangle. Carlos Junior controlled the 38-year-old throughout the round after scoring an early takedown but didn't manage to get underneath his chin to finish the choke. He transitioned to an armbar in the final seconds but didn't have enough time to finish the technique.

Bossé Clinches First UFC Win With Emphatic Te Huna KO

Former semi-pro hockey player Steve Bossé justified his place on the UFC roster in his second bout under the banner since he stepped in on short notice to face Thiago Santos last June.

Falling to the Brazilian's head kick in under 30 seconds of his debut, tonight Bossé scored an emphatic knockout victory over James Te Huna, who returned to light-heavyweight after an unsuccessful trip down to middleweight in his last test against Nate Marquardt.

Te Huna backed up the Canadian early with front kicks to his body, but Bossé exploded out of the traps about 40 seconds into the first round and caught the New Zealander with a crisp right hand that floored him on contact.

Rawlings Grinds Out Ham at Home

It might not have been the 30-27 that two judges scored it, but 'Rowdy' Bec Rawlings' gutsy performance in front of her home crowd certainly won her the nod against slick southpaw Seo Hee Ham to kick off tonight's main card.

Despite her obvious exhaustion, the hometown fighter had Ham sandwiched against the cage for the majority of the third round after fighting off a triangle. She shifted her weight to the opposite side of Ham's choke and eventually popped her head out. Marching her opponent down, the Korean was stuck to the fence as Rawlings shoved her head under her chin and landed awkward shots.

Rawlings came close to finishing the fight in the second round when she took the back of Ham and worked for a rear-naked choke. When Ham escaped, the Australian transitioned to an armbar, but Ham managed to get back to her feet where she landed two solid shots to Rawlings' body.

Rawlings troubled Ham with a right hand in the final two minutes of the first round, but other than that, the Korean enjoyed the better of the exchanges and had a lot of success with a jab-cross combination from her southpaw stance.

Preliminary Card

Brendan O'Reilly vs Alan Jouban

Karen Bryant's claim that Alan Jouban had gone back to his Muay Thai background in the lead up to his bout proved to be true as he folded Brendan O'Reilly with an elbow in the first round of their welterweight clash in Brisbane.

O'Reilly was clearly outsized, but he managed to execute a beautiful trip as Jouban held him against the cage in the early exchanges. Although he was nearly able to take Jouban's back in the scramble that followed, the American stood back up before he launched a series of straight shots at O'Reilly who stumbled against the fence.

Two knees to his gut led to the elbow that sent O'Reilly down to his knees shortly before the fight was stopped.

Dan Hooker vs Mark Eddiva

The Australian crowd erupted for New Zealand's Dan Hooker like he is a hometown hero when he claimed his first round power-guillotine victory over Mark Eddiva.

Eddiva's sidekicks landed well to Hooker's body as he advanced in the opening exchanges. After scoring well early, Eddiva latched onto a single-leg takedown, from which the Kiwi managed to get a hold of his neck.

Leslie Smith vs Rin Nakai

Japanese superstar Rin Nakai dropped her second unanimous decision loss in as many UFC outings when she faced gritty bantamweight Leslie Smith.

Smith's range completely stifled Nakai's attempts to take the contest to the ground in the opening round. Smith capitalized on her height advantage over the stocky Japenese superstar who ate plenty of straight shots throughout the three rounds.

Nakai came very close to finishing the fight in the second round with a head and arm choke, but Smith kept herself in the fight by pushing off the cage to create some space between her neck and the bulging arms of her opponent.

Richard Walsh vs Viscardi Andrade

'Filthy Rich' Walsh was close to pulling off a big home win in the second round of this welterweight contest when he dropped Andrade with a heavy overhand and landed some clean grounded strikes. The Brazilian did well to regain his composure though, with the bell that signaled the end of the round stopping a solid D'arce choke attempt from the former jiu-jitsu world champion.

Andrade latched onto the same choke in the third and dominated the majority of the round. After wobbling Walsh in the first as the Australian walked him down in his upright stance, Andrade did enough to get the unanimous decision win.

Ross Pearson vs Chad Laprise

Chad Laprise took on the toughest test of his professional career at the top of the Exclusive Fight Pass Prelims card when he met established English veteran, Ross Pearson.

Pearson took a split decision victory when the action came to a finish, which was a nod to how competitive the lightweight contest was.

Pearson and Laprise's were both coming off a loss to Francisco Trinaldo and their matchup made for a perfect contrast to the opening bout of the evening that mostly took place on the ground. The technical striking of both men was a sight to behold as Pearson waded in against the Tristar man's slick style.

Displaying some fantastic head movement in the second round, Pearson's lead leg was noticeably heavier after trading a series of low kick battles with his counterpart. Pearson wore a small mouse under his right eye from the prodding jabs of Laprise heading into the final round, and 'The Disciple' boasted a massive welt on his left thigh from exchanging with the Geordie.

After another tight round in the third, the two men left it all in the Octagon in the final 20 seconds of the bout as Pearson jumped into his attacks as Laprise stepped back and threw out his jab and a head kick that caught the TUF 9 winner, who was he chasing him down.

Alan Patrick vs Damien Brown

Alan Patrick was set to face Chad Laprise tonight, but when Abel Trujillo was forced off the card Laprise instead got booked to meet Ross Pearson. Austrailian Damian Brown stepped in to take Laprise's place against Patrick, and boasted a five fight win streak going into the bout, which was his UFC debut.

Patrick shot in for a takedown at the beginning of each round and his dominance in the grappling realm led to him claim a unanimous decision win, winning every round on each judges' scorecard.

'Beatdown' Brown showed some decent savvy in the first round by hitting a well-timed sweep on Patrick, but otherwise, the Brazilian had it all his way.