Five-Foot-Five High Schooler Takes Elevator Up for Disgusting, Physics-Defying Jam

Riverside University High School's Martin Lee is four inches shorter than Nate Robinson.

by Liam Daniel Pierce
Feb 19 2016, 9:31pm

Lord have mercy. Where was Melvin Lee at the NBA Dunk Contest? Sure, this is not Aaron Gordon running the ball below his legs as he sits high atop a mascot, but the mere fact that the 5'5"Lee can reach the rim is insane. He's four inches shorter than Nate Robinson! So when the Riverside University High School (Milwaukee) guard threw down over two defenders? Forget posters—that's the kind of dunk they make statues out of.

Here's another angle, which you need to see in order to believe this isn't video magic:

There are some amazing responses from the crowd: his own coach running his hand over his head in disbelief, the mascot talking to the crowd about what went down, the other team high-fiving each other, audible murmurs of "the fuck?" and shouts of "How'd he do that?! How'd he do that?!" that sound less exclamatory than actually curious because honestly, the whole thing is still hard to believe.