Woman Dresses Up as a Man to Play Football, is Much Better Than Men

We have female singers, female motorists... why not female footballers?

by VICE Sports
Nov 12 2015, 1:23pm

This article originally appeared on VICE Sports UK.

Girls dressing up as guys for entertainment is nothing new. Shakespeare wrote that kind of thing into his plays, though with all the actors being men it was in fact guys dressing up as girls and then pretending to be guys.

In 2015 we're far more advanced than that, and we get actual girls to dress up as dudes for our entertainment. And then we label it a social experiment and pat ourselves on the back. Well done, us. Aren't we doing important work.

The Spanish TV show El Hormiguero has done just such important work, disguising professional footballer Brenda Perez as a guy and sending her into an amateur game (skip to about 35 seconds to see her play). Brenda duly wiped the floor with the boys, showing impressive footwork compared with her lumbering male counterparts.

Which, given her day job (professional footballer) shouldn't really be a surprise. But then she is a woman, so obviously being better at any man – even a bunch of amateurs 10 or 20 years her senior – is a revelation. Good work, guys. Very good and important work.

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