Watch Andy Griffith Scold Cam Newton and then Set the World on Fire


by Sean Newell
Feb 10 2016, 4:30pm

God, I want to punch this video in its stupid face. Someone edited a clip from The Andy Griffith Show—a 55-year-old television program about a podunk sheriff co-starring Mr. Fucking Furley from Three's Company—showing Andy Griffith giving a lesson on how to be a loser to his loser son, Richie Cunningham. It's funny, the person who made this is likely very satisfied with this on-the-nose teachable moment, but nothing quite makes the point that you're an out of touch angry old fart like reaching back into pre-Civil Rights Act Americana to scold a guy for not talking to reporters.

Anyway, while we're sharing shitty, edited clips of outdated pieces of pop culture, here's another one:

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