P.K. Subban Hosts Winter Wonderland for Sick Children, Reminds Me Not To Hate Everything

Or, how one writer learned to stop hating everything and love P.K. Subban.

Dec 24 2015, 7:34pm

I hate almost everything. This morning alone, I've chosen to blog about a convicted murderer joining the Bloods, two women stealing $750,000 in jewelry from a horny athlete, and a convicted child rapist getting a $211,000 check. I assume everything sucks because, most of the time, I am correct.

But then, there's P.K. Subban. Some people do not like P.K. Subban, and those people are idiots. He is, by all indications, a genuinely delightful and good person. Take, for instance, surprising sick children at the Montreal Children's Hospital by turning it into a winter wonderland, complete with candy, gifts, and other stuff kids like that frankly I don't enjoy too much because, well, see above, but the kids sure enjoyed it.

The secret is out! This year @AirCanada and I surprised some kids from the @HopitalChildren. Happy Holidays to all!https://t.co/kyU4kyzYVC
— P.K. Subban (@PKSubban1) December 24, 2015

This is not the first time Subban has worked with the Montreal Children's Hospital. In September, he donated $10 million and has separately raised some $130,000 for the hospital by auctioning off game-worn jerseys and meet-and-greets. You could be a shit and get all whiny about how there are always cameras around to magically capture him surprising children, but that would just make you a shit, and if even I am calling you a shit, then you know for sure you're definitely a shit. So don't be a shit, and just enjoy this good thing that happened and made children smile. Merry Christmas.