Rams Fans Now Chanting for Tim Tebow at QB

The fan in Los Angeles are getting desperate for a quarterback. Tim Tebow desperate.

by Dave Brown
Nov 7 2016, 10:57pm

Dead-last in the NFL in points scored after another loss Sunday dropped their won-lost record to 3-5, the Los Angeles Rams have their fans chanting for change. No, not a franchise move back to St. Louis, or even Cleveland, but one that would be no less amazing.

It was just the second quarter during a 13-10 loss to the Panthers when Rams fans turned up the heat for a savior from quarterback Case Keenum. At first, fans screamed for Jared Goff, the first-round pick that coach Jeff Fisher refuses to play. But their demands soon changed. Yes, fans at the L.A. Coliseum were calling for New York Mets prospect Tim Tebow, a one-time quarterback. He's currently "playing baseball," batting (dubiously, at best) .135/.179/.162 in 37 at-bats for the Scottsdale Scorpions of the Arizona Fall League. Only a state away!

With Keenum at the helm, the Rams are 24th in passing yards, 28th in passer rating, and second in most interceptions with 11. The past two weeks, playing at home, the Rams have scored a combined 20 points. Keenum finished with nearly 300 yards passing against the Panthers, but it took him 46 attempts and he posted a QBR of just 35.2. The Rams didn't score until midway through the fourth quarter.

At 3-5, the Rams seem to be on a good pace to finish 7-9 as NFL rules state they must. But to ensure their fans don't get louder and meaner and more demanding of Tebow in the coming weeks, they probably need to give Goff a chance to get dirty. The most appealing alternative, from an entertainment standpoint, is busy taking his licks in baseball and unavailable.

And if not Tebow, Leo Farnsworth is still a free agent:

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