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"Electric Intercourse" Is the Extremely Prince Title of This Unheard 'Purple Rain' Outtake

Maybe he wouldn't have wanted us to hear it, but it's here anyways, and it rules.

by Phil Witmer
Apr 28 2017, 2:16pm

It's been a little more than a year since Prince left us for the afterlife, and only now is his bottomless vault of unreleased songs being plundered by labels eager to capitalize on what have to be dozens of possible albums worth of material. The thing is, Prince's posthumous works likely won't be as cringey as grafting loose Biggie verses onto unrelated instrumentals because the man put as much effort into his B-sides as singles. Thus, we have "Electric Intercourse," a bonus track on a new deluxe reissue of Purple Rain that could only have a more Prince title if it had numerals in there.

The song itself is a less intense cousin of "The Beautiful Ones," a strutting love ballad dappled with piano and punctuated by jazzy synth stabs and, of course, Prince's inimitable orgasmic yowls. You can listen to "Electric Intercourse" below.

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