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Watch live: President Obama speaks at memorial service for slain Dallas cops

Obama and former president George W. Bush are scheduled to speak at a memorial service for the five police officers who were killed last week.

by VICE News
Jul 12 2016, 5:30pm

Photo by Larry W. Smith

President Barack Obama is in Dallas on Tuesday to speak at a memorial service for the five police officers who were killed last week when a gunman opened fire at a protest against police violence.

The attack on Thursday by US Army Reserve veteran Micah Johnson was the deadliest day for US law enforcement since 9/11. Johnson targeted police officers during a march to protest the recent shootings of black men by police in Louisiana and Minnesota.

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After the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile at the hands of police last week, Obama said a significant number of Americans believe they are treated differently because of the color of their skin. Obama has drawn criticism in the past from US law enforcement for his tone in the aftermath of shootings by officers.

Obama will deliver his address at the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center during a private memorial service scheduled for 12:45pm CT. Former president George W. Bush, who lives in Dallas, is also scheduled to speak.

Obama will also meet the families of the slain policemen and others who were wounded, the White House said.

Police from nearby Arlington, Texas, will handle security for Obama's visit, so that the city's police force can grieve, Dallas Police Chief David Brown told reporters.

"I didn't want my cops having that responsibility because of the fatigue factor," Brown said on Monday. "I didn't want something to go wrong with the president coming here, because we are tired."

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Reuters contributed to this report.

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