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This Guy Escaped from Jail with a Ridiculously Simple Disguise

Apparently all it took was dressing up like a dad.

by River Donaghey
Oct 30 2017, 4:09pm

West Virginia Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety

Police have captured a West Virginia jail inmate who escaped last week by wearing a sweater and a pair of khaki pants, CNN reports.

While most inmates turn to high-tech gadgetry, papier-mâché, or clever uses for peanut butter to aid in their escape, 44-year-old Todd Wayne Boyes apparently realized that all he needed to do was dress up like a dad.

Last Wednesday, Boyes changed out of his jail uniform into a pair of khaki pants and a dark zippered jacket that he somehow managed to get inside the facility. He then casually strolled out the door at South Central Regional Jail in Charleston to freedom at around 6 AM. It took until Thursday night before the jail finally realized he had escaped—even though staff was supposed to have done three rounds of head counts before then.

According to CNN, Boyes was facing up to 20 years for stealing a vehicle and ramming it into a cop car and has a history of armed carjacking. He was supposed to be sentenced last Friday, but he apparently opted to don a boring adult disguise and make a run for it, instead.

Boyes reportedly got all the way to Texas before police caught him early Sunday morning attempting to sneak across the Rio Grande into Mexico. It's unclear whether Boyes was still dressed up in his casual Friday disguise when police nabbed him.

South Central Regional Jail is currently looking into how Boyes's absence went unnoticed for so long, and four staffers have already been suspended without pay, West Virginia Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety spokesman Lawrence Messina told CNN.

Boyes is currently back behind bars at a county jail in Laredo, Texas, probably kicking himself for not staying free long enough to show off his Ken Bone costume on Halloween.