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The New 'Hey! Arnold' Film Looks Like 'The Breakfast Club' Meets Indiana Jones

Now I've seen everything.

by Beckett Mufson
Oct 6 2017, 9:15pm

Hey football head! Remember Hey! Arnold? The 90s Nickelodeon show about an impossibly cool fourth-grader's big city hijinks with his pal Gerald and nemesis-slash-secret admirer Helga G. Pataki? After more than ten years, Arnold and his friends are back for a field trip gone off the rails in Hey! Arnold: The Jungle Movie.

Nickelodeon dropped the first trailer for the film on Friday at New York City Comic Con, and it follows the students of P.S. 118 to the jungle of San Lorenzo—the same island where Arnold's parents are thought to have disappeared to. Amid more explosions and near-death experiences than your average chaperoned school outing, Arnold tries to solve the mystery that's been driving him and fans crazy since the series cliffhanger finale: What happened to his parents?

"There I was, ready to reveal what happened to [Arnold's] parents, and the show got canceled," creator Craig Bartlett said, according to Polygon. After the gentrification-themed Hey! Arnold: The Movie flopped at the box office in 2002, the series fizzled out over the course of the following season. In the series finale, Arnold finds a map that might lead to his mysteriously absent parents.

Now that Nickelodeon has resurrected the project as a direct-to-TV film, Bartlett has a lot of loose ends to tie up. Polygon reports cult favorite characters like Pigeon Man will make an appearance, and according to IMDb, Stoop Kid, who was once afraid to leave his stoop, will be along for this international adventure. If it goes well, Arnold and the gang could reportedly get a whole new season.

Hey! Arnold: The Jungle Movie airs on Nickelodeon November 24.

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