Fucked Up's Damian Abraham Opens Up About Panic Attacks

Tune into VICELAND Tuesday for new episodes of 'THE THERAPIST' and 'LAST CHANCE HIGH.'

by VICE Staff
Sep 19 2017, 9:45pm

On an all-new episode of VICELAND's THE THERAPIST, Fucked Up frontman Damian Abraham sat down with Dr. Siri Sat Nam Singh to talk about why he gets panic attacks, and what it feels like when one hits. The musician told Dr. Singh that, being in a band, "you live and die based on what someone else thinks about you"—which creates a lot of pressure.

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VICELAND is also airing a new episode of LAST CHANCE HIGH, our Peabody Award–winning documentary series chronicling a Chicago school that serves some of the city's most at-risk students. After the school gets shuttered, former staff members head into the city to reconnect with a few of their students—including one who's seen six of his friends be fatally shot.

LAST CHANCE HIGH airs Tuesdays at 10 PM.

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