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Inland’s Dark, Dubby “Tsereteli” Was Inspired by a Post-Gig Taxi Ride

The British techno producer heads in a deeper direction on his new EP 'Coriolis.'

by Krystal Rodriguez
Jul 3 2017, 2:48pm

Photo courtesy of artist

Berlin-based British producer Inland, aka Ed Davenport, has shared a new single "Tsereteli" from his latest EP, Coriolis.

Out now on Counterchange, the three-song release heaves with club-friendly techno, from the title track's metallic groove to the jagged, jack-hammering drama of "D10D3." "Tsereteli" however, possesses a deep, dubby sound, more suited for the post-party comedown. As if suspended in a thick, murky haze, its dominated by echoing, shadowy lead synths slowly overtaken by shimmering trance tones—a light at the end of the tunnel.

Over email, the producer told THUMP how the track was inspired by an eastern European cab ride he took. "After a very long, exhilarating night playing with Function at Bassiani [in] Tbilisi, I recorded some of my taxi driver's radio conversation. There was this amazing static click when he signed off after each message. Those sounds went into the track and I named it after the street the club is built on: Tsereteli, [which itself is named for] a Georgian poet."

He also added that "Tseretelli" is the "first of a new wave of much deeper tracks I've been working on." "I want to focus more on tonal subtleties and hypnotism as I move forward," said Davenport.

Listen to the track below.

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