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It's July 4 and It's Time for "Tha Block Is Hot"

You got that mayo? Well, cook something!

by Kyle Kramer
Jul 4 2017, 7:10pm

Day 286: "Tha Block Is Hot" feat. B.G. and Juvenile – Tha Block Is Hot, 1999

Today, on the certified hottest day of the year, July 4, America's Independence Day, there are a few mandatory activities. You have to grill some hot dogs. And you have to listen to some Hot Boys. A few other suggestions, from Lil Wayne, who should be broadcastin' live from the block as we speak: "It's time to floss, bring the big bodies on dubs out." Don't wear a suit because, while this is a day about America, you're not trying to be president. However, since it's been 20 years and we can all agree that Cash Money won out in the end, it's cool if you want to listen to Master P today, too, we'll allow it.

You probably won't cool off by blasting Wayne, B.G., and Juvenile's hottest moment—if anything it's a prelude to the temperature reaching 400 Degreez. But you will have a kickass barbecue. Get out the burgers and dogs and all the condiments. To paraphrase B.G. and Juvie, you got that mayo? Well, cook something!

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