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Let's Play Lil Wayne's "D'usse" in Honor of Both JAY-Z and Summer

Featuring a story about Lil Twist getting too drunk and throwing up in the club.

by Kyle Kramer
Jul 3 2017, 6:00pm

Illustration by Michael Alcantara

Day 285: "D'usse" – single, 2014

People love to say that Wayne has fallen off in recent years, and it seems fair to assume that Tha Carter V, mired as it has been in legal drama, will suck if it ever does get released. And yet. If you were to string together the best 12 or so tracks from the last few years, the tracks supposedly destined for that album, it would probably be among the best Wayne albums ever. One of those tracks is "D'usse," an overlooked moment of Wayne taking a victory lap with bright, shiny summer sounds and getting off a few fantastic lines about the quality of his music, like "you know we give the pastor hell, make a nun strip." So don't sleep on Lil Wayne's enduring talents. Believe in C5. Etc.

And if JAY-Z could make an album as good as 4:44 at this point in his career, there's no reason to assume his longtime fan Lil Wayne wouldn't see a reason to do the same. So in the spirit of that happening, let's play this song that begins with Wayne shouting out Jay and continuing into him repping Jay's liquor brand, D'usse. Did JAY-Z invest in the D'usse brand so that one day Lil Wayne could tell a story on a track about Lil Twist drinking too much of it and throwing up in the club? Probably not. Then again, as Birdman once famously rapped about Cash Money, "we drink 'til we throw up," so it is on brand.

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