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Cuco and White Lung Are Performing in Vancouver and We Want You to Be There

Noisey's JanSport Bonfire Sessions happens on July 21 with two great bands and a bonfire, in a beautiful park, for free. RSVP now.

by Noisey Staff
Jul 11 2018, 2:35pm

You know what's great? Live music. You know what's even better? Live music and a bonfire under a big-ass summer sky, with some of our favorite artists going acoustic just for you. That's why Noisey's coming to Vancouver for the next installment of our JanSport Bonfire Sessions, featuring the most excellent sounds of Cuco and White Lung for intimate night under the stars. It'll all be going down Saturday, July 21 at Vancouver's Hastings Park. The best part? It's free! Just RSVP and you're good to go—and trust us, you'll definitely want to go.

White Lung
White Fence