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Exclusive: Toronto van driver Alek Minassian was a member of the Canadian Army

The Canadian Armed Forces has confirmed to VICE News that Minassian served for two months.

by Ben Makuch
Apr 24 2018, 6:00pm

The accused Toronto van attacker, Alek Minassian, was a recruit who served for two months in the Canadian Armed Forces, VICE News has learned.

“Alek Minassian, the accused in the recent incident in Toronto, was a member of the Canadian Armed Forces for 2 months in late 2017 – from 23 August until 25 October,” National Defence spokesperson Jessica Lamirande told VICE News in an email on Tuesday.

“He did not complete his recruit training and requested to be voluntarily released from the CAF after 16 days of recruit training. For privacy reasons, we will not comment further on Alek Minassian’s service in the CAF.”

In a statement on Facebook by Minassian’s made before the attacks, he says he is “Private (Recruit) Minassian Infantry 00010, wishing to speak to Sgt 4chan please. C23249161.”

VICE News learned that “00010” is the actual trade number for the Canadian infantry, and "C23249161" seemed like a legitimate service number.

This article originally appeared on VICE News CA.

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