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BREAKING: Apple Mouse, Keyboard Come in a Different Color Now

Space Grey accessories will be more expensive than the original versions.

by Jason Koebler
Mar 27 2018, 6:21pm

Image: Apple

The hashtags #AppleEvent and #iPad have been trending on Twitter all morning, because Apple has done an astoundingly good job of turning marketing events into national news. Tuesday, the company announced a $329 iPad that’s mostly the same as the old iPad but supports the Apple Pencil, which is appropriate because the event is being held at a high school.

In much bigger news, however, the company also began selling its keyboard, Magic Mouse, and Magic Trackpad in Space Grey, causing Apple fans to get Very Excited.

Apple’s Space Grey input peripherals were introduced bundled-in with the iMac Pro, a $5,000 computer that’s outside the price range of your average accessory aficionado. This is probably going to make the people who paid hundreds of dollars for accessories harvested from the iMac Pro feel upset. Across the board, the new colors will cost slightly more than the now outdated and boring white-and-silver accessories of Apple computers past.