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Frankie Cosmos' New Video Is Basically an Episode of Your Favorite Sitcom

The Tom Scharpling-directed clip has humour, pathos, and a sweetly touching story arc.

by Lauren O'Neill
May 1 2018, 2:05pm

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Back in March, Greta Kline released Vessel, her third official album under her Frankie Cosmos moniker, via Sub Pop. Yesterday, she shared a new music video for "Apathy," a track from that record. Directed by comedian Tom Scharpling, it's basically an episode of your favorite off-the-wall Brooklyn-based sitcom: it's got humor, pathos, and a full story arc. It's awesome, and quite a feat for a two-minute long short.

The video follow the story of another Frankie Cosmos, who, despite being formed of a bunch of tough looking rockers, make the exact same music as the OGs. After a confrontation with the real Frankie Cosmos at their concert, the lead singer of the copycat band chooses a new path, and applies to be a longshoreman, ending the video by heading out to sea with only a backpack. It's incredibly sweet, and strikes the perfect balance with the delicate sound and tone of "Apathy." Watch it above and demand that Netflix commission a full-length pilot immediately.

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