"Speak English": Video shows guy ranting about 2 Macy's employees talking in Arabic

A guy at a Dallas-area Macy’s lashed out at two store employees for speaking in Arabic while helping him with his purchase.

by Alex Lubben
Dec 27 2018, 3:59pm

A guy at a Dallas-area Macy’s lashed out at two store employees for speaking Arabic while helping him with his purchase.

“All you Arabs. All you Arabs and Democrats, go back where you came from,” he says in a video posted to Twitter.

The man was standing at the Michael Kors counter in the store and looking to buy a handbag. But when the employee behind the counter told him he’d have to go to a different part of the store to get his purchase gift-wrapped, he got mad and demanded that the purse come with a box; the employees didn’t have one.

As the situation escalated, several other shoppers stepped in to speak up on the employees’ behalf.

“Leave the store. She already told you,” a bystander says in the video. “There’s not a gift box for that. Leave!”

“Hey, I don’t speak Arabic,” he claimed. “They were speaking Arabic.” The video, however, doesn’t show the employees' conversation.

As other customers in the store continued to encourage the angry customer to drop the argument and leave the store, he insisted, “I don’t have to do shit. She’s interfering with my purchase.” He added that he’d just paid $300 for a bag.

“Hey, I’m in America. I want people to speak English to me,” he said. “All I asked was for her to do was speak English.”

“I really walked into a Twitter video irl today,” wrote a Twitter user named Ricky, who filmed the encounter and has now made his account private. “This man made two women cry after publicly humiliating them. Please help me find this awful guy’s information.”

“You, put me on YouTube,” the man told the guy filming his rant as he walked off. “Stupid Democrat.”

Ricky did not immediately respond to VICE News’ request for comment but posted a follow-up that the man yelled homophobic slurs at him after he stopped filming.

The Dallas Police Department told BuzzFeed News that no police report had been filed. Macy's, however, told VICE News that it's investigating the incident.

"We believe our Macy’s employees and customers should be treated with dignity, respect, and kindness," a spokesperson said. "We aim to create a welcoming environment and we apologize for what occurred in our store."

Cover image: Screenshot of video courtesy of Ricky via Storyful