Jacksonville Bakery Sends Ben Roethlisberger 7 Turnovers Just to Rub it In

In two games against the Jaguars this season Big Ben has thrown six interceptions and lost one fumble. That adds up to seven turnovers, and one vicious burn.
January 17, 2018, 4:42pm
Screen capture via Instagram/@cinottisbakery 

Let's be perfectly clear: the NFL Playoffs have been ruthless this year. You could start with the Minneapolis Miracle, which, on the other end of things, cruelly denied the New Orleans Saints a shot at the Super Bowl in a mere ten seconds. And then you could talk about how the Pittsburgh Steelers were left with only a taunting, last-second, impossible prayer to salvage their playoff hopes from the clutches of the Jacksonville Jaguars.

But if you thought that was vicious, you haven't met the women at Cinotti's Bakery in Jacksonville.

Fans trolling opposing teams' athletes with shipments is no new phenomenon, but boy it's gonna sting when it comes from a place as sweet as a bakery. After Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger fired off an embarrassing two first-half turnovers that ended in 14 points for Jacksonville, he put them in an impossible 28-7 hole just shy of halftime. And this bakery was not going to let him forget that—or his five turnovers (two of the pick-six variety) in October:

Seven turnovers for seven turnovers, sent straight to Big Ben. These two women—despite their kindly smiles—are savages. You can likely expect those turnovers to taste extra salty.