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CupcakKe's "Duck Duck Goose" Video is Glorious, Joyful Filth

The visual for the 'Ephorize' track is delightfully NSFW.

by Lauren O'Neill
Jan 16 2018, 3:45pm

Image via YouTube

CupcakKe fucking rules, and 2018 is almost certainly going to be the year when she properly ascends her throne. She started things off right with her third album Ephorize, which she self-released on January 5, and now we've got a new visual offering for single "Duck Duck Goose," which acts as a further mission statement for the sex-positive, body-positive star.

Featuring Cupcakke alternately in a sexy duck onesie (yep), and dicking around with, well, fake dicks—there are, after all, only so many ways the music video for a track which opens "I thought I came but I peed on the dick" can go—the video is both liberated and liberating. And though it's true that "Duck Duck Goose" doesn't have to be read this way (it's just as important and powerful to view it as cute, filthy fun), it also feeds into CupcakKe's wider project, and into what she's come to mean to her fans. Her fearlessness and uninhibited nature make her an excellent role model, and it's people like her who are changing conversations about bodies and sex for the better.

Watch the video for yourself above (obviously it's NSFW, and all the better for it).

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