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Homemade Flour Tortillas Are Worth the Effort

They may not be all that traditional, but they're great.

by Munchies Staff
Aug 15 2017, 7:00pm

Are you so gringo that you don't know a flauta from a fajita or a tamale from a taquito? Is your grandma highly unlikely to be passing down a tortilla recipe for you to preserve for generations to come? Did you flunk Spanish 101?

Worry not, friends. You can now upgrade Taco Night in your own home such that your guests will be dazzled. We're going to teach you how to make your own flour tortillas.

RECIPE: Tia Lisa's Flour Tortillas

With three simple ingredients—one of which is salt, which hardly even counts as an ingredient, let's be honest—you too can make warm, soft, comforting tortillas that will have your friends crying ay caramba! more often than Bart Simpson ever would.

Then again, Bart's never had your homemade flour tortillas.