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Did Jonah Hill and Vampire Weekend Ruin Your Dinner Last Night?

Hill and Ezra Koenig were spotted filming a music video at the Upper West Side institution Zabar’s during business hours.

by Josh Terry
Feb 7 2019, 4:26pm

It’s Vampire Weekend season and the New York band is gearing up to release Father of the Bride, a new album that’s out sometime this spring. So far, we’ve gotten two previews of their upcoming fourth effort in “Harmony Hall” and “2021” and now, it seems like a new music video is on the way too. Early Wednesday evening, singer Ezra Koenig and actor Jonah Hill were spotted behind the counter at the iconic Upper West Side grocery store and deli Zabar’s filming what appears to be a visual for a new song.

As the blog West Side Rag first reported, witnesses described the scene, saying, “People were shopping the whole time! Many folks were totally oblivious and one lady got mad because the PAs were blocking access to ‘her dinner’ in one of the cases! So Upper West Side.” According to another bystander, a crew member said that the music video would document “a day on the Upper West Side.” The Internet’s Steve Lacy, who is reportedly featured on the forthcoming LP, was also spotted at the Zabar’s shoot.

Having Koenig enlist his friend and Mid90s director Jonah Hill to helm a new music video is an exciting prospect, but what I’m more worried about is what happened to that lady’s dinner? Is she OK? Did she have to go to Barney Greengrass instead? If you were the woman who complained about Ezra Koenig and Jonah Hill messing up your Zabar’s experience, please send us your side of the story.

Josh Terry is a writer in Chicago. Follow him on Twitter.

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