Episode 3 of Our Kingdom Hearts Deep Dive Takes Us to the Digital World

The power of friendship transcends even the most secure firewall.

by Austin Walker
Feb 9 2019, 12:12am

Header image courtesy Square Enix and Disney

Welcome back to Lore Reasons: Kingdom Hearts, our dizzying exploration of Disney and Square-Enix's massive RPG crossover. When we first began to explore Sora's journey through the many worlds of Kingdom Hearts, our memories were fresh from watching cutscene compilations and explainer videos and our bodies were powered by the strength of overpriced beer. But now, weeks later, we have no memories, no beer, and, uh, nobodies. Fuck.

Join us as we respond to some very helpful corrections and then move through three whole games on this week's episode: 358/2 Days, Kingdom Hearts 2, and Re:coded. We learn more about Organization XIII, the many residents of Sora's heart, the digital world, and, uh... let me ask Natalie, our intrepid Lore Master really quick...

Okay. She says "And Riku was there." So, that.

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